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Love the C63 defensiveness that comes out. Owners know what the car is, yet feel the need to defend it's weaknesses.

I'll bite, I've driven both.

- M3 has better steering feel.
- M3 has a better balance of chassis, steering feel in sport, throttle response, torque curve (yes, it is optimal for the track, IMO) and handling.
- The M3's motor sounds more exotic, a high revving 4.0ltr V8.
- Those who keep harping on the "lack of" torque really have no idea what they are talking about, I've driven some very torquey cars and I drove the M3 right after the C63 and the extra mountains of torque in the C63 --with it's monster torque that could stop the earth's rotation, hand-crafted by the Führer himself in hell-- didn't really stand out to me.

- The C63 has a nicer interior IMO.
- The C63 needs more rubber.
- I don't think it feels as heavy as some say, but it does feel heavier than the M3 with EDC on sport and sport mode on - at the expense of a ghey comment - it doesn't dance at your fingertips like a M3 does.
- It does sound insane, but a different type of sound. I describe it as "God's hammer".
- It is quite torquey.
- I would love to get one in addition to my M3.
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