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Originally Posted by bruce.augenstein@comcast. View Post
Sadly, I believe that ship has sailed. Take heart, however. The M3 V8 essentially dates from the late 2004 release of the M5 V10 (in the 2005 model), on which the four-liter is based. More than seven years is a hell of a long time in the auto business, and trust me, BMW has learned a lot, engineering-wise, since that 2004 release. Hell, by the time the new one comes out there will be closer to ten years of additional knowledge and development that will apply.

The new one will make more power, more torque, be cleaner emissions-wise, and get much better fuel mileage.

And, with the probability that the new model will also weigh less than the current car, everybody's gonna be grinnin'. Even me, who's bitched forever about how each new M is bigger and heavier and less fun to drive.

exactly. id expect the new m3 engine to blow everyones mind in terms of balance between power and fuel economy.

id estimate 450 hp / 450tq and about 19 city and 25 hwy mpg. add a tune on to that and you will have an incredible performer.

i probably will get a new m3 once they have been out for a year or two. a good FI engine in this car would be incredible imo.