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Originally Posted by ragingclue View Post
CDMA 3G versus LTE is a big factor here.

Also, there is a large disparity in screen size. For some people, gigantic is good. For some people, it's really bad.

Other than that, it comes down to your personal OS preference.
A few notes from someone with a Galaxy S 2, and who loathes Apple. But respects their ability to create simplistic UI's.

The Iphone 4s is HSPA+. Which is roughly a 3.5G grade. (Not fully 4G but still a step above 3G).

Why is build quality being 'ok' a bad thing? It's either good or it's bad.

Every phone will be replaced by something better in a year, and this shouldn't be a factor for you. If anything, I'd say that Apple actually has a little more longevity (as long as they don't purposefully brick your phone from a software side) because when a new OS is released via itunes you can directly upgrade your device at your own leisure. Where as for subsidized android phones, I am still waiting for the powers that be (AT&T, Google) to release an update for my Android to ICS. Which it has promised to do... at some point.

The android offers in my opinion a better tactile feedback for a touch screen. The little sound effects just make it feel crisp, and phones are powerful enough now not to get bogged down by it.

In the end, you are choosing between the OS, as mentioned above. Samsung also makes over 40% of the parts within a iPhone.

From my experience, if you want a mini computer then go with Android. If you just want a phone that works with trinkets attached, go with Apple.

Disclaimer: None of my remarks have jailbreaking in mind. Since with Jailbreaking you can effectively put whatever OS you want onto anything. At that point you are just buying the hardware.

I am also a firm believer that most people will only just screw up their phone more by trying to make it better. Not all, but definitely most.