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Originally Posted by jtuds View Post
I see you got a pretty great deal on your car. Did you buy it in NH?

I am thinking of importing one to Canada and would need to find a price close to what you paid in order to save a decent amount (we have to pay a lot of fees to import the car).

Just wondering where I should be looking to find a deal....Michigan dealers, which are closer to me, aren't offering prices near 36K..more like 44 or 45.
No, this was not in NH. I had to go to Atlanta to pick it up. I think that is half the fun, but i have made several trips across the US. There was one in Florida as well that was similarly optioned and priced, but it is gone now. Christmas is always a good time to buy

Actually, one of my trips occurred because my father bought my C5 Corvette and imported it into New Brunswick. We drove from Houston to Maine, and then the vehicle had to be parked in Maine for 36 hours after he began the process of importing. After that, a quick trip to Canadian Tire finialized the process. One snag that we ran into was that all recalls had to be performed on the car before being exported from the US.

Anyway, let me know if I can be of any help. Canadian car prices are too high and I love to see Canadians buy from the US!!!

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