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E92 V8 & Z4 M Coupe

Hi to all

As you know the turbo E92 V8 is alive and running well so far. I know we promised you a start-up video, well were going to skip that because we already clocked 1000 +km, and will be installing the management and injectors hopefully this week. I know most of you are curious to the outcome of this whole modification and I promise to keep you all informed and up to date, between the hectic workdays ahead of us.
The funny thing is we’ve just completed a 1000 Horsepower Z4 M Coupe, and are not sure but we think this is also a world first, so let me know or send some pics if you know of anyone else who has done this.
For now here are our first pics with videos to follow shortly. I will only be able to post once a week due to our work loads.

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