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Originally Posted by VVG View Post
I actually am a big fan of high performance SUV's. If you are a driving enthusiast, and need an SUV, then these are the vehicles for you. While my Cayenne GTS is not in the same power class at the X5M, it is no slouch, and will certainly outhandle an X5M. In fact, I am really blown away by the capabilities of my Cayenne....given that it is an SUV. And therein lies the key in terms of performance. As spectacular a vehicle as the Cayenne is, it can not match the M3 in any aspect of performance. I never expected it to. It is simply too big and bulky. Same for the X5M. It is spectacular for an SUV, but you can only bend the laws of physics so far.
Yes, exactly... so the point I experienced was this.. does it make sense to spend the money required to get this performance from an SUV/SAV, i.e. $100k for an X5M!!! Because after you spend that dough, you still don't have a vehicle that handles like a sports sedan/coupe or sports car. The X5 5.0 is $20 to $30k less than the X5M.
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