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Originally Posted by txz4 View Post
wasnt congress conservative during the clinton years in which the budget was best managed? kind of like how congress was lib run during the bush years?

Which part of gov does spending come from again? Instead of taking eco classes and learning about kinse for every class (only three classes for me) i spent my academic career as a business major. learning about what happens when a policy is actually put into effect as opposed to what we may think a policy may do... I practice in realities not ideologies....
Bush had a unified government from 2003-2006 (inclusive - 4 years approx). From 2001-2003, the house was held by repubs and the senate was 50-50 until Jeffords jumped ship. Dems only controlled congress in the last 2 years of Bush's reign of error.

The case that Repubs contributed to the surpluses that occurred during the Clinton years can be reasonably made. However, the case that democrats contributed to botching the economy that occurred under Bush is not as straight forward.