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Originally Posted by bruce.augenstein@comcast. View Post
Really? The conversation was about an M3 with 550-600 pound feet of torque? Must've missed that.

The GTS makes about ten percent more torque than the standard M3, peaking at a slightly lower rpm. In my opinion, if this engine were in the M3 there would be no more talk about a soft low end.

Given the car's other attributes, the 4.4 liter power plant would address one of the car's (very minor, IMO) weaknesses. It would liven up the lower end considerably. It might even address the car's only other (more major) weakness, which is fuel economy. With more torque available, you could go for a more aggressive overdrive in top gear, as Porsche has recently done, and thus improve highway mileage thru reduced pumping losses and friction.

It's terrific now, but with the 4.4 and gearing changes it could in fact be the almost perfect car - closer than anyone has gotten before.

I agree and thanks for the info! I had just commented on another thread but I really would have enjoyed watching bmw take the s65 another step and take the gts engine and add direct inject, which would allow a bit higher compression ratio and improve power and fuel efficiency. A bump to 8700 rpms to top it off. All those changes would have easily netted 475 hp and 340is foot pounds and therefore address lower end torque that people want, efficiency people want and still keep the nice linear top end screamer we all enjoy.

Really bugs me since they have the gts engine made. Shoot even if they did not make a single change and just offer the gts engine in the f30 m3 as an optional engine. Would make so many people happy and still allow those who would prefer TT and efficiency happy.

You think we could all put a crapload of small letters together and send them to bmw M? them more of an idea that the following is here and to make the gts engine available for the f30 as a different option, even though its more work for them to get it approved and modified to meet carb standards, would really please a very important enthusiast group! We should do it!