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Originally Posted by Kyoshi71 View Post
You're off your rocker building that contraption. If you invested in the Race Ramps, they'd last a lifetime and are probably much lighter the what you have.
C'mon man, you spend $4,500 on a muffler but stop short at 2 hundie for Race Ramps?
Well, I only spent $3500 on the muffler.. haha. I don't really care about $200-$300 for ramps. I just wasn't super impressed with what was available for both price and quality, and thought I may be able to do better for less. Maybe if I had somewhere to see ramps in person beforehand I would of had a different opinion, but all that was available to me locally were those shitty Blitz ramps at autozone et al.

So, I gave it a shot, as a fun weekend project, and attempted DIY race ramps. I also wanted to share my experience here, since I have benefited from this forums on numerous occasions, and thought I could give back by posting my experience here.

In retrospect, my only gripe is the weight. If I knew what I know now, I would have probably just got these: Race Ramps RR-56 instead of building my own.
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