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Originally Posted by mdyaman View Post
lol, you expected a SUV, or rather SAV to behave like a performance 2 door coupe? You had your expectations too high then.

apples and oranges...these are two different types of cars. Just b/c it has a ///M badge doesn't mean it will behave like a M3.

now if you were expecting a high performance SAV, as compared to the competition out there, a X5 M isn't all that bad.
Yes, expectations too high.... interestingly, the jump in performance from the 335 to the M3 is quantum. On paper, the relative jump between the X5 5.0 and the X5M looks similar.. but in the actual drive, it just doesn't materialize (and actually disappoints in some areas, no DCT, strange exhaust tuning). At least IMHO.
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