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Originally Posted by Sleeper519 View Post

I cut 4 small wooden rectangles out of a 2x4 to fit each individual jack point. So whether I'm using a jack there or placing a jack stand, each point has it's protection. Much cheaper than the aluminum billet.

I built makeshift ramps out of 2x12" boards. Each ramp consists of 2 boards, one about 18" and one about 24", stacked together, flush on one end, staggered on the other, and nailed together. I place one in front of each tire and slowly drive up on them. Now the car is raised 3.5" at all 4 corners. Next I can access with my racing jack the front center jack pad behind the bumper and place 2 front jack stands. Then access the rear differential jack point in front of the cooling fins and place the 2 rear stands, using your little blocks of wood in the cups. Now you can have all four wheels off at the same time. Makes brake flushes much easier!
Great tips! I will grab some 2x12" boards and try your exact solution. Still not sure what I'll do about the jack points, the wood blocks would obviously be the cheapest solution.