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Originally Posted by spmd11 View Post
Okay, so my dealer took in a 2010 X5M from a customer the other day.. I've never driven one, so I thought that I would try it out. My daily is a 2011 X5 5.0 and my garage queen is a 2011 M3 Vert. I'm really sorry for what I am going to say...
... but I was disappointed. The car is extremely fast, for sure. But the exhaust note was really strange and actually sounded wimpish compared to my 5.0. This was a shock to me. It sounded more like an e46 M3 (which is not a bad thing, just totally different) than a V8 M. I cannot explain this.. a very metallic sound.. not deep and throaty like I was expecting.
Secondly, I did not like the transmission at all. Coming from the DCT in my M, which I am very fond of, this 6 speed Auto feels very ordinary.. much like the 6 speed in our 135i Vert.
The car handles well, for sure, but it still is not as fun throwing it in corners as a car is, just due to the higher center of gravity.
So, I don't know what to say, other than I came away really surprised. I guess that I will be waiting for the X5M in the next platform... or maybe I will just get another "normal" V8 in the next model. I was expecting the X5M to be like the M3, only more awesome, given the hype... oh well..
Sorry to you gents with the X5M. I mean no disrespect!!
P.S. This car was a dog. Owned by a doctor who traded it in after 2 years, rather than clean it. My CA joked that it was an expensive car wash! Instead of detailing it, he traded it! 46k miles in 2 years on a 3 year lease. LOL!

Having spent some time driving an X5M I agree with what you observed. It is incredible that an SUV can do what the X5M does but it's still a letdown.
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