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Nexus vs iPhone 4s

Hey guys im getting a new phone in a few days and wanted some opinions. I have never had a smartphone so this will be my first. I have quite a bit of experience with apple OS since i have an itouch, but ive only used the android OS a few times when messing with friends phones. one of the main reasons im looking at an android is because verizon is offering double the data for the same price. both phones are the same price. I also have no idea if the extra data is even necessary since ive never had a smartphone before.

the positives of the iphone
-im familiar with it
-sleek design, lots of software support
-i like it alot
downsides to iphone
-everyone has it
-new iphone coming out this year (easily outdated)
-no 4g
-stuck with less data (2gb a month)

Pros of nexus
-new icecream sandwich OS
-twice as much data on my plan (4gb)
-newer and different experience from the iphone
-blazing fast 4g
-reviews say the build quality is ok
-camera is not as good as iphone
-not great battery life

if anyone has experience with both phone and can chime in it would be great!

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