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Originally Posted by Jrollsp View Post
Good question. Is there any way to use one of the homelink buttons on the rear view mirror or one of the blank buttons next to the headlight switch to control the exhaust valves?
The remotes are units we buy in so have no control over that part unfortunately, but if you were electronically inclined I guess you could hook up a system to do just that.

Originally Posted by delkat View Post
I know you Euro types take a lot of vacation time, but what happened to this thread? Any updates? Any new videos or pictures of the final system (complete or just slip-on)? Have you shipped any to customers yet?

There has been the winter break, but development is essentially complete and the first production units are not far away at all. We're simply awaiting the final production units to be able to post all the images, sound and videos.

Originally Posted by Nater View Post
Any updates? We need more videos!

Preferably some fly-bys with the valve open...
As above - we'll certainly be doing all those for you

Originally Posted by crabman View Post
Unless I missed it you don't describe the controller other than a reference to it being fob based. Is it possible to hook up to a garage door opener? Even more interesting would be having it slaved to the m button. Also have you considered an auto mode?
As above, it is a key fob with an open and close button. We haven't looked into having it work with other buttons in the car, purely due to the time and costs involved in developing such a system. We want to get it out there to you guys as quick as possible!