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Originally Posted by DylanMckay View Post
Problem with this logic is you really never can have your cake and eat it to so to speak. If you wanted the m3 to have 400 foot pounds of torque for example you would need to increase displacement by quite a bit and it would still be very hard to keep the power deliver to 8400 redline if not impossible without a huge engine. Increasing the displacement to that degree means its likely the stroke will be too long to handle revving to 8400 as well as it is just not possible to get low end torque and peak power at the top of the redline. You just cannot build those two characteristics into an engine.

With future development in tri-turbos and valvetronic it likely is more possible but for now it is not really the case. Ferrari does not tend to pick rather small displacements for their v8s for nothing and same goes with traditional M cars. They allow them to build the car for high rev horsepower.

Anyway I am just saying I agree that IF we had 400 foot pounds AND redline of 8400 with peak power at redline than sure it would be bliss but its really not possible.

I think this problem will be addressed with the new m3 and we will see how buyers react. I think it will not effect sales and if anything will improve them because more people do enjoy low end grunt.

I think I am in the minority because a ton of the enjoyment in daily driving the m3 is downshifting and upshifting to hear the lovely engine/intake and exhaust blipping and making noise. If we had a ton of torque than downshifting would be putting you outside the torque curve and you really would not get to enjoy the race-car like sounds of shifting in this car.

Both sound like great cars and both are great drivers but people just have to decide which characteristics they prefer. They are just different.
400 pound feet of torque is an arbitrary number. The world does not solely consist of torque monsters and top-end screamers.

Think GTS. More torque, same terrific top end rush. No reason this engine couldn't have shown up right from the get-go in the current M3.