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DIY: Race Ramps

So I needed some ramps to install my ///M Performance Exhaust. Race ramps are $200+. Blitz and other $25-$100 ramps get such terrible online reviews, I decided to make my own. I followed this design:

I got the following at Lowe's
  • 5 - 2"x12"x8' pressure treated boards
  • 2.5" deck screws with square heads
  • wood glue
  • 2" grip tape roll
  • wood finish
  • $1 paint brush

Tools used:
  • Jigsaw with angled base
  • Portable electric screw driver
  • Measuring tape
  • Drill bit for drilling pilot holes

You can ignore the hand saw, I went right to the jigsaw after about 2 minutes of getting nowhere fast.

Here is all the boards for one ramp, cut like the model shown above.

Glue the boards, each layer.

Drill pilot holes, and screw layers together.

Using two pieces of trim wood I had in a bucket of spare wood in the garage, I installed bumper stops at the end of the ramp.

Here is one ramp assembled.

Add grip tape to the bottom, one strip on each end.

Add grip tape to the edge of each step.

Drive up the ramp.

I went to 2x12x8 boards instead of 2x10x8 of the model, since 2x12 is really 1.5x11.5 in lumber dimensions, and the rear wheels of ZCP rims are 10-inches wide, so 11.5-inches is just a hair larger then the tire width.

Pros: Quality build, low-profile angle, handles wide tires, 7.5" of lift.
Cons: Weight. Each ramp must weight like 45 pounds. It is ridiculous.

I still haven't decided if I am going to stain the wood or not. Probably. I already used it to remove my OEM stock exhaust, as I am scheduled to receive my M performance exhaust this Tuesday, and I wanted to take the stock exhaust off ahead of time..

Here is the thread showing the removal of my stock exhaust:
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