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Originally Posted by Mike Benvo View Post
Not in this case...

The software would be masking codes if you had stored codes but the CEL wasn't illuminated. Since you have cat delete in your file to prevent the cat efficiency codes, other faults will be thrown if something arises, but cat efficiency will not set a fault because the input from the rear o2 sensors is ignored. This will cause the readiness routines not to finish, which will leave them in a not ready or pending state.

In this situation, I suggest to flash back to stock or have evolve make you a tuned file with the o2 settings stock. Then you will have to decide whether the hardware configuration will pass the catalyst efficiency checks. Sometimes there is a small window you can squeeze by if your exhaust setup is borderline emissions wise. It will take a few drive cycles to for the car to complete the readiness routines after the oxygen sensors are returned to default settings.

Keep in mind that when you are trying to get the car to pass readiness, you don't want to exceed 3000 RPM, have heavy throttle fluctuations, etc.. Easy city driving and freeway driving, keeping it at consistent RPM's. You will also need a few drive cycles as well. (this doesnt apply in your case since the monitors are not ready - it will never set readiness).

I tried to flash back to stock, but when i tried to run the software, it says"your beta version has expired"......not sure what that is all about. I've only had the software for about 4.5 months. Things like this always happen around the weekend when nobody is available to help........thanks for your input Mike, i appreciate it!! Surprised i hadn't heard of more people going thru this, but i guess most states don't test for this........i did a search and couldn't find anything.