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Originally Posted by 1Sleeper View Post
I really like the TT-RS, pricey for sure but a lot of performance. As far as practicality I think its a toss up. You give up some space for 4 driven wheels. Thats how I look at it anyway. Audi's are awesome in the snow, something my M3 will never be but thats only about 20% of the year, so.... Manly? Really? You'll think twice about the manly thing when a man drives circles around you on the track in his girly Miata. A TT/Miata etc are chick cars when a chick is driving one. Are people that insecure that if they think if they get behind the wheel of a certain car they'll be drawn to interior decorating? Yikes. You're a "man" when you drive whatever the hell you want.
Well why dont you sell your 997 and M3 and get one. If you are that secure in yourself and that sure the car wil run laps around everyone... why have all that money tied up into two cars when you can have 1 badass car... and a manly one at that?

By the way I do some work for a couple of Audi dealerships here and I am amazed at how they are always slammed in the service area. Seems like these cars have a lot of issues (Audis in general) or there are a hell of a lot of Audi drivers here. I would think I would see more driving around if that were the case. I would like and S5 or an R8 though.