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Originally Posted by Hisam135i View Post
I dont understand how people don't get this lol.. In any class structure in a society where one group is above another, the group that is on top usually caries the benefits of being on top for 5-6 generations if something goes wrong for them I.e. lose money; and the benefits they have include things such as high end contacts which later help make even more money. Also the lower classes will usually carry the burden of being in the lower class for 5-5 years as well, the burden being of debt, poor contacts etc., besides the exceptions of over night millionaires or professional athletes. In my opinion this is by far more of a sociological issue then economical issue. And also in any class structure where social mobility exists, no one would work in harder fields such as being a doctor without a big reward other wise why would anyone work 20x as hard as someone working at McDonalds and get paid the same as them, it just doesn't make sense lol.. I'm a double major in Econ/Finance
What your saying is exactly true, the biggest thing people dont understand though is not necessarily the above, but instead risk. People dont want to see that you get paid for risk, if you own a business your getting paid for the risk of if it goes down you have to pay for it. it goes into the whole working 20x harder idea. Another thing is that most people who work in manual labor/fast food would try and preach how they work 20x harder than a doctor hence why i think you wrote its a sociological issue, i dont think its just that though. I think its a question of philosophy, intelligence, and education coupled with the sense of entitlement that seems to be running rampant more and more every year. These people who argue about how hard working some menial job is, dont see that when business owners and those high up in large companies take the work home with them, in a sense they never get too far from work at any given time. While those at the bottom dont see and often never see this due to certain circumstances. Chiefly among them lack of education or lack of drive to learn.