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Originally Posted by dcstep View Post
Why would you shoot a FF in crop mode? Just wondering. For stills you can always crop later. For video, I'm guessing that you can use less card space, is that it? It makes no sense to me for stills, at least if you always shoot in RAW and crop to an "ideal" composition as part of the conversion, not limited to a particular format.

You can film in full-frame 1080 mode, which downsamples, or you can film in DX mode, which downsamples a little less, or you can film in a 2.7x center 1920x1080 crop with no downsampling for a really sharp image (but the center crop of your focal). Not sure if the 1Dx has this or not, but I want to say yes.

Originally Posted by dcstep View Post
Nice purchase. I'll be anxious to see the results. I'm sure you'll put it to good use.

What scanner will you be using to get to digital? Have you considered going MF with a digital back?

I cannot afford to do a digital back right now. Especially since I would want one with a true 645 sensor size. That would mean the top of the line P65+, or Aptus-II 12, or an IQ160/180. All of which, I'm sure, start at $35k. I think the top H4D backs also are 54x41 cm. No sense in going MF digi unless it's non-crop, for me at least.
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