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Originally Posted by jasonn View Post

Dang I need to youtube the fortify restoration glitch. Haven't played the game in a while.
Here I made a quick guide.

How to make insane damage / armor gear (Restoration Potion Glitch):

*Warning, this will make the game so easy it might ruine the game for you.

** For this to work best, level smithing to 100 to create and upgrade deadric weapons and dragon armor. Level enchanting to 100 so you can double enchant and add extra effects to gear. Alchemy should be level 60+ for this to work best, but will work if under.

- To start off, you will need to have a high level of alchemy, 60 plus is best. Spend 7 points into the perk tree; 5/5 alchemist, 1/1 physician, 1/1 benefactor.

- Use or create +% alchemy gear. Ring, neck, chest, and gloves I beleive hold the +% alchemy. You can either find the gear thoughout the world or craft it at a enchanting table. To make things quicker if you have 100 enchanting, make smithing + alchemy gear.

- Head to a alchemy table and creat a Fortify Restoration potion (abecean longfin,cryodillian, salt pile, small antler, or small pearl) it will be roughly 30% fortify. Drink the potion, now look at the stats on your gear. They magicaly went up by a small %. Go to your items/appearal and unquip then requip your gear. When doing this, it will lock in those stats to your current active effects.

- Create another restoration potion, this time it will use your increaed alchemy stats on your gear. Notice the new potion has a greater magnitude effect (100%). Again drink the potion, unequipe and requip your gear to lock in the new upgraded stats.

- Repeat these steps as many times as you want, the greater the magintude potion the better

- Now drink your crazy 5000% potion and create a few Fortify Enchanting and Smithing Potions (make sure you have the ingredients before drinking that resto potion). You can also create any crazy upgraded potion - archery, one handed, health ect...

- Walk over to the blacksmith, will your smithing potion, +% smithing crafting armor, and materials to make your gear/weapon. Pop the smithing potion before using the grinder or armor table. Boom, huge weapon damage or armor rating.

- Go to a enchanting table with a few grand souls, take the fortify enchating potion and enchant your newly smithed gear. You might want to create a new set of crafting gear with the upgraded enchant stats.

- Equip your new gear and enjoy (or not if you like a challenge). You should be able to 1 shot anything on master and sustain infinte amounts of damage. Oh by the way, those potions you create go for well over 2000 gold.

**If you want to be even more powerful, drink one of those fortify archery/one or two handed potions.....unequip and equip your armor again. This will save the +xxxx% to your gear.

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