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Originally Posted by graider View Post
i understand you are trying to say that the merc has more torque than the m3 and i don't argue that. but the way you put it is a bit misleading for some members because you make it sounds like the m3 torque is a problem on the street and that you need to rev the hell out of it to get to decent speed. it isn't a problem at all IMO. infact i thin it has more than enough torque on the street even at 4-5k rpm.

What part of "The M3 is absolutely fine in everyday driving - until you compare it to a 1M, C63, etc. They're just even more fine around town or in traffic.
" didn't you get.

Originally Posted by graider View Post
i don't understand the part about not having to downshift? seriously? how hard is it to downshift and pass someone? shifting is part of the fun even on the street. if you are too lazy to do the shifting, then might as well just buy the DCT and put it into auto mode, it will downshift for you anytime you want without you doing anything. see that hole, just floor the gas pedal and it will downshift instantly for you.
What part of "See that hole in traffic? Just step on it, and don't bother wasting the second or so it takes for an aggressive downshift." didn't you get.

That second may cost you the opportunity. In that context, yes, pretty much any auto will be better on the street than pretty much any stick, but more torque reduces or eliminates the need for a hasty downshift.

Sooner or later, I suppose I'll succumb and buy an automatic for my personal use, but I'm not yet mature enough. The last auto I bought for myself was a '70 Buick GS 455 Stage I, and I sold it after less than two years.

Fast, but way too boring.

Originally Posted by graider View Post
i'm not a fan of the m3 by any mean (you guys know i'm into the gtr now) but bruce you sounds like are you are on here just to nicpic anythying you can find.
The entire concept of the value of torque is far from a nit, in my opinion, but if you disagree, so be it.

See, if I were into picking nits, I'd tell you to learn how to spell "nitpick anything", but I won't.


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