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Originally Posted by mamadub View Post
Thanks you guys for the responses. It's almost like I need two people there to help me dry the car really fast. I'm actually thinking about just washing it inside my that crazy? Templar...I am afraid to claybar or polish my own car. I am SO afraid I will screw up the paint. I think I will try the chemical guys stuff you recommended. If I can't get it off with that, I will have to bring it in to be detailed professionally. Funny you should mention a hard water filter for my garden hose. I was going to look into that. Do you think that would help a lot? I know we do have hard water out here in AZ. BTW, I used to live in NC!!

TTG...exactly what I was thinking about the spots already being there!
if you don't polish your car it will continue to reoccur. use zaino, its pretty simple... good luck.