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Originally Posted by PutterMcGavin View Post
First off this sounds GREAT! I love the sound and it is definitely what I'm looking for!

...this might be a stupid question but why not just cut the exhaust before the muffler, have some straight pipe welded on and have some tips to cap it? essentially remove the whole muffler to save weight, get the same sound, etc.

I assume to keep the "stock" look and retain the hangers?

It is essentially the same thing. The only benefit I see is the ability to retain the OEM look; however, the OE muffler is heavy so I would def want to ditch it altogether. I actually just cut the muffler right before the can and welded on two straight sections of pipe with new tips and I can't believe how good it sounds. Def a little loud, but manageable considering there is 4 cats and 2 resonators. I have to get some pics/sound clips up.