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Originally Posted by stefan View Post
Power bump of some type is likely though. Even the Subaru engineers think it's underpowered..
The chassis, as it is, is good enough for at least 50hp more. If the Subaru engineers think it's underpowered we already have one of the two main reasons to see a future FI version as very likely. The other is sales prospective.

Originally Posted by stefan View Post

As for Subaru saying a turbo won't fit.. take a look:

"The engine is an all-new design called the FA, with a perfectly square stroke of 86x86 and a variable-valve control system that Subaru calls AVCS, for active valve control system. The FA was developed for and only used in this car, "at least for the time being." On the required premium gas, Subaru's numbers are 200 horsepower and 150 pound-feet, with reps at a loss to explain why Toyota rates the same engine – that Subaru builds – at 197 horsepower. The FA is smaller than the Impreza's FB engine, achieved with items such as a shorter and lower intake manifold, a shallower bottom on the transmission, and revised, more compact lubrication system. Subaru then placed components in different places to get the engine further back in its bay, like making the intake manifold front-facing and placing the crankshaft 60 mm lower. The induction system was shorted to reduce overhangs, and the radiator was tilted 17 degrees to improve the center of gravity. Compared to the Impreza, the BRZ's engine is placed 120 mm lower and 240 mm further back.

And that's why there's no turbo, and no plans to include one – the engine occupies the space where Subaru would normally bolt one on. They moved so many things around, we don't know why they couldn't have been just as creative with some forced induction, but the company's traditional placement of the intercooler atop the engine simply wouldn't have worked. Subaru plans a longer life-cycle for the car, six to seven years instead of four to five, and it was strongly hinted that we would see a power bump during a mid-cycle refresh – but not a turbocharged bump. We were told as well, though, that this engine will be the base of Subaru's next-generation turbocharged engine."
In none of the quotes you've posted Subaru EVER says that a turbo does not fit.

In fact, the above quote (which is not from Subaru) just explains why a turbo can indeed fit. Why?!

Because in the new 1.6 engine that you've mentioned the turbo has changed from its traditional place in the back, near the firewall, to be now placed down in the front where room exists in the Toyobaru.

Also, what Subaru has already officially stated is that a turbo version of the FA20 engine will INDEED exist in the near future. Just compare the two front views of the engines and where the turbo is located in the 1.6L engine:

1.6L with Turbo and air-to-air intercooler: