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Originally Posted by Notnug View Post
I am planing on running TT. Per my calculations, my M3 will be in TTS. I am doing brakes and suspension plus all of the safety mods (Cage, Fire suppression...). I feel that these two performance mods are what this car really needs. No engine mods are planned, as the V8 has enough power for me. I am interested in having a safe, fun car to better my driving skills. At this point, winning is not my number one priority. I just hope it does not bump up into TTU.
Which class you end up really depends on your modifications. The 2012 rule book is out on I am also currently working on 2 TTA cars for 2012. One here:

For aftermarket shocks, NASA TT assesses them into three categories:

1) Shocks with external reservoir or more than two ranges of adjustment. +10 points
2) Shocks with piggyback external reservoir. +7 points
3) Shocks that do not have external reservoirs. +3 points

So, the question you have to ask is: performance wise, is having an external reservoir shock worth +7 points on top of a non-reservoir 2-way shock? As a reference, there is a +8 point difference between AD08 and Hoosier R6.
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