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Originally Posted by Richard@M-World View Post
I had Moton Motorsport 2-way as my previous set up, and it was excellent. The selling point of Moton is that it has an extremely wide range of damping adjustment.

Penske makes top notch shocks too, but they are not too common on the E9X.

As JAJ have said, make sure that you work with a distributor who has experience and knows how to set up your car. Having race shocks with a terrible set up is like having a hot girlfriend and never go to bed with her.

One last thought. Which class in NASA are you running? This is an important consideration as well because different rule books treat single shocks, shocks with remote reservoirs, and shocks with fixed remote reservoirs differently. I run in NASA TTA now and that's why I switched to KW Competition because it does not have remote reservoirs and hence less point penalty.

I am planing on running TT. Per my calculations, my M3 will be in TTS. I am doing brakes and suspension plus all of the safety mods (Cage, Fire suppression...). I feel that these two performance mods are what this car really needs. No engine mods are planned, as the V8 has enough power for me. I am interested in having a safe, fun car to better my driving skills. At this point, winning is not my number one priority. I just hope it does not bump up into TTU.