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Other than the obvious Pros... no damage to the protected areas... here is another thread on pretty much the same thing. A lot of the film yellowing issues these days are due to improper maintenance of the film. Do not use any petroleum based products on it and you wil be fine. That said I prefer Ventureshield Ultra, Avery Nano Fusion and the new Xpel Ultimate film. Those three to me are the best out there. I really like Avery but its hard o get and they dont make 60" film yet. The Xpel Ultimate film looks great so far but I have only been testing it for a short time since it is a new film. VentureShield Ultra is a film I have used for 8 years and never had any warranty issues. I give out a bottle of sealant for the film though so my clients always have the proper prosducts to maintain the film with. Hope the link below helps.