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Originally Posted by OC Dealman View Post
Looks great! I really like the Sliver. It is a brighter color than the frozen grey. The frozen grey looks like a fighter jet. Your interior is very attractive. I like that better than the two tone they put in the frozen grey. Have fun with it. Good luck with keeping it clean up in the northwest with all that rain. It does not show much dirt, but you will always want to have it clean as that is when it shows the best, obviously. Either you are going to have to do it, or you will have to find someone you trust, which is not always easy. That is what I have had the most trouble with.
I had the M5 as well, and absolutely loved that car. I have a deposit in for the new M6 convertible, but I am having second thoughts.
There is a detail shop here that is pretty amazing and does a great job with matte cars. They already cleaned it up from the dealer and there is even a matte wax from Swissvax specially formulated for matte paint that they use. It's hand apply only and you have to do it a little more often but it's a pretty awesome product.

Good luck on your M6 decision. When the weather was beautiful, it was awesome, but otherwise it was a big compromise. The M5 did everything else better except the top didn't go down. There's another thread about the BMW M School and someone else commented that they liked the M5 on the track more than the M6 as well. I agree and don't see myself ever stepping into an M6 again. Maybe the new M6 will be different, it'll be interesting to see...