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I would not get the 1M. You need a different type of vehicle. You already have a performance luxury SUV, and a full blown sports car. What will the 1M give you that either of your other two vehicles doesn't? Since this is going to be a commuter/city car, and you have other nicer toys, I think you should just get some form of basic transport. Something that you don't care as much about if it gets a scrape or a ding, etc. A baisc 128 would do nicely. Even something like a Nissan Maxima. This way you can take your "beater" around the city for work/practical purposes, but you have the nicer vehicles too when you are in the mood. There are also those times when it is in your best interest just not to have something flashy.

Alternatively, you could also get a nice type of car that you don't yet have like a convertible.
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