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I think the 1M is way to small on the inside, and feels cheap compared to an M3. I've owned E61 535 w/Dinan Stage II and although it was way heavier than the 1M, it still hauled ass. The torque was phenominal in everyday traffic. However that being said, I had many reliability issues: HPFP changed twice, Injectors changed twice, turbos replaced (because of a noisy wastegate which is part of the turbos) once, reprogramming done twice because of hesistation/missfire, few modules replaced a couple of times. I was at the dealership at least 20 times unscheduled during my 75,000km ordeal. Had I not had warranty I would be deep in my pockets.

Marwan, In my opinion, if you need more torque, you should supercharge the M3. Although I have no idea where you would use all that torque in "everyday driving".