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Originally Posted by dbarnes View Post
I'm glad to hear you've had excellent luck with H&R; however, I have not and I stated my opinion, although it's been quite a while since I've used their products - perhaps they've addressed their design and workmanship issues since then? You actually have no idea what my background is so please don't assign me to a specfic group of drivers. I hope you and any other e9x M3 owners that select H&R continue to have success with their products
You're right I don't have any idea but surely at 15 years of age you do not have much experience. Just saying. Some states you cannot even drive at that age.

When I was that young I was more interested in sleeping with girls my age. Just saying. lol

Anyway, the fact is H&R did have some serious problems/issues with their E46 M3 setups with certain parts breaking and failure. That pushed me away from their products and went KW. But now I have seen they have fixed some of their issues so I will always give a company a second chance and I did and had no issues on my Z4MC. Now with my E92 M3 I went with them again and same thing, no problems.

Sorry to hear about for luck with them and CS. I have gotten that too with KW. So its not just one company.