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Originally Posted by wisesoul View Post
I too was scared of maintenance issues, but it is still solid as far as I can see. Have no hesitation buying an RS car, they are special toys just like ///M cars. I'll be keeping mine for a while until the F30 is looking attractive. TT RS will be a collectible for sure. I barely see a normal TTS on the streets as is
key question is, are the RS lines higher quality than the standard lines? I know for BMW, the E9x M3 is the highest quality BMW based on initial quality, the numbers are more in line with the upper bands of the highest quality cars. Now, the same can't be said with the standard 3,5 series cars, etc of the same year.

The other thing people need to realize is, quality varies year to year. There's a misconception that Toyota or Honda is the highest quality. Yeah maybe back in 1999, but every year, the top spots swap in and out, and same goes with the middle tier. So Audis of certain years, may be horrible, but it's rideculous to say they're consistently bad. Again, most initial quality numbers are based on total reported issues, there are breakdowns based on sub-models i.e. RS4, etc.