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Originally Posted by THE TECH View Post
Ummm paint is paint whether it is on a Honda or your M3. If you wanna keep it nice, the tools are the same.
well said!

ferrari or honda, you get the same treatment (If paid for obviously - its just more worth it to spend 1500+ on a full correction after 2 years of neglect on a Fcar compared to a honda)

OP, you need to wash it, clay it, polish it, seal it (or coat it for better protection) and then get on a solid routine to maintain it! Here is what I recommend

wash weekly
wax bi monthly, strip and seal every 6 months
polish every six month
clay every six months
protect the interior every month

claying and polishing go hand in hand, same with sealing! Anytime you want to do those things, its smart to use a protection stripping wash solution to break down the waxes on top. Then you clay the whole car, then polish it. Then clean the paint and lay on a coat or two of a sealant wax. Then either next month, or next wash, whenever you want, throw on a coat of wax.

I have some clients I maintain their cars with that same regimen and their cars ALWAYS look good!