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Originally Posted by THE TECH View Post
Hmmm...just got the add a quart of oil message. Car only has 1300 miles and I haven't even had the 1200 service yet. This is a little worrisome.
ummm... not worrisome at all......just get the 1200 mile service done....

sorry, didnt mean to be a smart-ass, but I guess its okay. from reading here on this forum, even if you add half a quart (which is what i have seen being recommended here rather than a full quart and then worry about an overfill), that should safely get you to the dealer for its first service....... i know I am saying this for yours, but I know i am going to be shitting pants if I get this on mine on my way back from PCD. I already have BMW dealers mapped out on the route back in case I need something......lolll!!!!!!!

and OT...... how r u liking the car otherwise??