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Arm Rest USB, is it working?

I just picked up a 2008 M3 with the CCC iDrive. The car was listed as having the iPhone adapter, which I believe is correct since when you look in the center console there is a Aux (headphone jack), a USB, and a cigarette plug.

I might have some miss understanding of what the usb and aux will do on the this version, but I thought I would be able to use the steering wheel buttons and charge an iPhone if plugged in properly. Here is what I have done so far, let me know if there is something that I did incorrectly:
  1. The car was listed with an iphone adapter. The adpater didn't come with the car so I purchased a used oem on ebay:
  2. When I plug my iPhone (version 4 with 5.0.1) in to the armrest with this adapter, the iPhone doesn't show it is charging and the steering will controls will not forward to the next song. So it looks like the usb is not working properly either from the y-cable or the armrest.
  3. To test the armrest usb, I took a PNY 4GB usb thumb drive (formatted FAT 32) and put some songs on it. I put them in both the root directory and the some in the folders. All songs were in a .mp3 format with no DRM restrictions. In iDrive, when I go to the entertainment and look at aux, I try and select usb, but it doesn't do anything. So I am assuming the USB is not working in the armrest

Am I doing anything wrong or am I expecting this dated CCC system to be doing too much? Is there a better way to test if the usb is functioning correctly? Any help would be appreciated.