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Interior LED dome/map lights error, Please help

I just recently purchased a set of interior LEDs, and everything works fine besides the front dome/map lights.

I believe other members experienced the same issue but it ended without a solution. So here I am again...

I installed the kit and after driving for couple days I discovered that the front map/dome lights will not work after driving for a random period of time (that sounds odd but it is happening to me)

After restarting the engine the front map/dome lights work
again. Then, the front dome/map lights have no response again by pushing the buttons while driving for a extended moment (most likely 5 mins)

Basically they are repeating the cycle: not working while driving for
5 mins --> work again after restarting engine --> not working while
driving for 5 mins

I checked the connection of the front map/dome lights to make sure
they are firmly in place and yes they all are.

I switched back the OEM bulbs and the front map/dome lights work just
fine with any error even when driving.

Could it be the design of the bulb? Or other issues that cause this error?