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Oh and that is a Graduation present from high schoolÖ Iím slightly spoiled, but I try not be a brat. I do a lot of work. I currently trade my own portfolio where all my money goes, Iím up 10% YTD :rocks:, I work at a Fund of Funds in NYC its awesome experience, Iím going to business school next year (Santa Clara university), and I might get a connection to yahoo, which is almost across the street from my school, for an internship during school, through the guys a work with now. Iím working everyday all day and doing the same things (well close) as the other analysts but not being paid! So please don't call me a spoiled brat, I really try not to be, Iím just blessed .

Anyhow thanks for all replies guys, Iím sooo excited to drive one of these new cars they are going to be BEASTS Iím sure of It!! And I think the M-Driving school is just easier to get to although I have always wanted to visit Germany, one day ill get over thereÖ. I think M-Driving school is about $4,000 so itís pretty expensive, does anyone know what the one in Germany would cost?