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Originally Posted by ANILE8 View Post
If you cannot pass on a race track, you are not fast enough. End of story.

If you have the speed nobody can stop you from passing, no matter how hard they might try.

That M3 driver has nothing to apologise about.

I hate people who expect a written letter of invitation to pass because they think they have the right to be in-front on a track day.
Ehh It's not always that easy, back when I had my old S2000 I was doing a fair few track days at winton and I personally feel that there's not that many safe places to overtake besides the main straight. You're probably aware that car is quite underpowered and there isn't room to really pass people around the outside on corners. Also, it's better to avoid accidents in case the person in front actually has no idea you're behind them.

I've seen a lot of cases (particularly at winton) where high powered cars pull away from faster lapping low powered cars on the straights and then hold them up around the rest of the lap. At the end of the day I'm most concerned about having fun and avoiding any accidents, I also feel it's a sense of common courtesy if you're driving the high powered car in my scenario.

Check out this video:

I was lapping a few seconds faster then that S15, but it had 200rwkw, compared to the s2000 which has about 130rwkw, mine was completely stock. I remember he had no idea I was right behind him for a few laps, but I didn't have the power to get past (yet I was faster), so I stupidly out-braked him and you can see he had no idea I was there. If you look closely you can see him try to turn-in and then turn away once he realises I'm right next to him.

Originally Posted by Tomislav View Post
i dont think that was the case, look at some of the lines he was taking, he was either trying to let them go, or he didn't know the corners. The skyline had heaps of opportunities to overtake him.

If the M3 was stock, then the other two weren't doing that great.

Who knows, at the end of the day, the ones who know the truth were the ones who where there.
Every well organised track-day I've ever been to will have organisers telling drivers to use the indicators when they want to let a car pass...

The M3 might have been trying to let him pass, but I think the guy in the skyline was being safe just in case the M3 driver wasn't aware of the cars behind him.