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Originally Posted by LemonBread View Post
Hey guys.

Just started up my account on these forums. I'm looking to buy an E46 within the month. I'm in the Houston area, but willing to drive within a 500 mile range for an M3. I'm specifically looking for a 2004 M3 in either Gray or Blue, under 100k miles, and IT MUST BE A SIX-SPEED MANUAL COUPE!!! No exceptions

Most prices I'm seeing are around $18k, but then you have to tack on TT&L, plus most of these cars don't have much on their service records

The best I've seen so far is a Gray 2004 M3 with 94,500 for $18k, from a private seller. I have to drive quite a distance for it---just within my range---but the guy has full service records available, and is very easy to talk to. I'm still gonna get a PPI done before purchase, but he knew about the subframe recall, preventative maintenance things like the water pump,etc.

What do you guys think? If all goes well, I'll be driving an M3 by the end of this month, and I'll be on these forums a whole bunch more

Thanks guys!
FYI: this is an 2008-2012 E90/E92/E93 forum.

Not that we do not want you, but you will be a very lonely guy in here.