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Originally Posted by Game View Post
Plain and simple, Kobe lost the game for the Lakers tonight. Played like an absolute retard.
Not just him...

When he had the ball, no one picks... it's always iso. When he posts up, no one moves. I'm not sure if that's Mike brown's plan. I've seen quite a few posts up/1 on 1 by Fisher, Gasol, and Kobe. It would've been better if there were support when they post up, but there was none.

Kobe had a very poor FG% today. Yes, he was chucking the ball, but that's him. He's always like that and he does get the ball in the basket sometimes. He was just unlucky to miss THAT many. It wasn't like he forced all those shots, some of them were decent, just didn't go in.

However, if it's not Mike Brown's plan to play all those iso/1 on 1 posts ups, then yea...I'd blame Kobe for being Rambo today. He should've passed the ball more often.