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Originally Posted by paradocs98 View Post
Sounds like I'm in the DCT camp. And then, I think of a car like the Nissan GT-R, and the concept drives me nuts. I think of that as a car that a complete nincompoop could drive around a track quickly, because it does absolutely everything for you. Not only does it have an automated manual transmission, but it has AWD and computer-controlled chassis dynamics to the nth degree, so that you can throw the car into the corner totally out of shape, and it sorts everything out. No challenge or high degree of skill involved. (Flame suit on) But then this line of thinking is in total disagreement to my defense of driving a DCT on the track.
True about the electric nannies on the GT-R and many other cars. But I can't say those people walk away as satisfied or learn as much as someone driving a car without those features.

As you gain skill and speed, I think those nannies really hinder you in advancing.

DCT is very different from an automatic. There is still an active thought process in shifting. You still have to be in the right gear...just minus the foot footwork.

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