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Originally Posted by Eli View Post
I've got an '09 E92 with the iPod hookup. But my iPod took a crap and doesn't work anymore.

In the newer BMWs I've hooked up my Android cellphone via USB cable and been able to manage the music through the iDrive.

However it's not working in my M3 when I hook it up through the USB connection in the glove box.

Anybody know what the deal is?

The deal is that your post is confusing as hell, seriously.

If you got an '09 with the "iPod hook up" then it means that your car must have an USB port in the armrest, as the USB port in the glovebox is not used to play/control music from any external device. It is only to load music into the iDrive HDD.

If you in fact have used an Android phone in the "newer" BMW to play/control music then again you must have used the USB port in the armrest. The only USB port capable of playing music from an external device is located in the armrest area in all BMW.

So it should be obvious to you by now that the proper USB port to use is the one in the armrest. And if your M3 does not have an USB port in the armrest then there is no "iPod hook up" in your M3.

If what you used before was the accessory iPod adapter in the glovebox then that was not an USB port, it was a direct connection to the radio/iDrive. And it also should be obvious to you as the accessory iPod adapter uses the iPod 30-pin connector and not an USB port to connect to the iPod.