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Originally Posted by TimZ View Post
lmao +1

My assault setup: Usually an AEK or G3, but right now im focusing on getting unlocks on my AS VAL and An-94

Engineer: Got all unlocks for this class, i use the sg553, absolutely love it. Also have the javelin that i use with this and use the repair tool.

For support: I'm trying to unlock items for the mg36, love using this weapon. After this i might use the m60 and see what i like better. I also keep claymore on me at all times

Recon: Currently trying to get unlocks for the L96, might switch back to the m98b or the m39 depending what i like better.

Sidearm for all classes, .44 magnum SCOPED

My tag is TimZ92 feel free to add me
is the sg553 more stable than the g36? i feel so lazy to rack up some points in co-op. i have 64k and i'd need 120k to unlock it....

just added you! see you around. hopefully i'll have some time to spare playing when school starts next week.
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