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Hey guys and gals, after a lot of time and effort, we put together a private runway shootout. Some of us have waited our whole lives for something like this... and Shift-S3ctor brings you our first Airstrip Attack event! I am posting in this in most sections to reach out and get the widest variety and most awesome cars to do battle.

Where: Trona Airport. 14902 Airport Rd Trona, CA 93562
When: Saturday, February 25th, 2012. 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
What: A 1/2 mile of acceleration in a rolling side by side competition.


We decided it was best not only for vehicle performance, but also for safety concerns to host the event at Trona Airport. Trona Airport is at an elevation of 1700 ft. which is significantly lower than our original venue and should allow cars to run a little better. We now have a longer runway as well (just over a mile) which allows for even more braking room for our 1/2 mile of acceleration. This runway is also at a 1.8% downgrade whereas our original location was slightly uphill.

This should be of no inconvenience since this new location is only about 20 minutes away from the original. The nearest hotels are still in the Ridgecrest area.

Lastly, come to the event with a FULL TANK OF GAS. Unfortunately, there are no convenient gas stations by our new location, so be sure to plan your fill ups before you arrive.

This first Airstrip Attack event is expected to bring various types of cars together to do some high speed, side by side racing on a private airstrip. You will be able to start from a roll, 25 mph to 50 mph, and accelerate for 1/2 mile, against your friend or enemy. It will be a War of the Worlds, as we expect a variety of American Muscle, JDM and European machines to show up and do battle. A winner will be announced at the end of the day.

We are aiming to keep racing off the streets and provide a badass outlet to race your car, flat out, against whoever you choose.
We have rented a private airstrip in Southern California to have this side by side battle of horsepower to see the baddest street cars at war. Inspired by Dragtimes and the Moscow Unlimited (both events in europe), we decided it was more than necessary to put the baddest street cars in the states head to head. No more bench racing or youtube arguments, this is for real.

From stock cars to highly modified vehicles, all are welcome. Convertibles are required to have a roll bar. ALL participants are required to bring and wear helmets. Tech Inspection will be heavily enforced. You may also bring your own race gas. Keep it off the streets and do it legally in a safe environment! Professional video and photography will be on hand.

Awards will be given for:
Fastest car of the day.
Fastest tuner of the day.

There will be a handful of performance shops out there sponsoring the event as well as participating with some crazy shop cars.

Some of the shops include Cunningham Motorsports, BBI, Gintani, ESS, and HG Motorsports.

We have a few spots reserved for bigger horsepower cars (800+hp). If you have such a vehicle and wish to fill one of those spots, please email us at or

Thanks guys!

This is a LIMITED NUMBER event. This will not be open to the public to spectate. Only those participating and their immediate friends and family can attend.

To register, click here HERE.

Register soon, early pricing will not last long and it is a limited number event.

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