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GT3 clean up correction

Porsche GT3 One Step correction

When you have a black car in this condition, it usually requires much more work to restore it to a like new state. By much more work, I mean more compounding, more polishing, and more final polishing. However, when you are trying to sell the car, and you donít want to put a lot of money into it since you will not be the one driving it around anymore, it makes sense to get it looking better, but not necessarily perfect, especially when perfect would require triple the bill and 2 full days on the car! Overall, this was a pretty big change and is now in a much better condition. Total time was about 8 hours. I was dealing with being outside all day, very strong winds, lack of shade, a filthy car, repainted panels (75% of the car), and black paint! I couldnít go more aggressive without leaving the paint too hazy, yet I had to get some cut going on in order to remove oxidation, paint defects, and restore gloss. It was 8 hours of straight through labor!


Nasty wheels and brake calipers! Sonax takes care of these with ease!

It was a chilly morning, this is the condensation build up I was greeted with!

Lets not take off the license plate bracket, just hit it with the polisher. Takes 1 min to remove!

Exhaust tips needs a bit of loving

Claybar after just half the front fender

Swirls and paintwork needing help