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Whoa, that's going to hurt. If I'm not mistaken, you are on the hook for the full price of the car. Expect that a giant balloon payment is due after the first couple of years of small payments.

The difference between what you still owe on the car (which includes the taxes in addition to the price of the car) - minus the value of your car (which is going to take a hit precisely if the '12 have attractive rates, etc.) will be rolled into your new debt.

EDIT: You take a hit no matter what trading in a car so soon. Who's going to take an early 2011, if they can take a new 2012, if there are new features, the rates are good, etc. Not saying don't do it, but be prepared to take a bit hit. If you've only been making small (Select-type) payments on the M3 so far, you have not paid much of the debt off at all. Unless you put down a big down payment, chances are you'll be upside down on the loan compared to the value of your '11 M3 now.
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