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Originally Posted by Salna View Post
The CA said it takes 2 months to CPO the car and they don't see the point since it's still under factory warranty . They said I could buy an extended warranty from them if I wanted. I doubt that's the same peace of mind as a CPO.
That's a bunch of b*llshit from the dealer. There must be a reason that car doesn't qualify for their CPO. Buying an extended warranty from them means buying it from a third party and the dealership making a commission off of that sale. Either way, it translates into them or BMW not having to be accountable for the car's condition after they sell it.

Plenty of fish in the ocean, especially 08 models. Look elsewhere. Especially given the kind of nonsense they think they can have you believe. If that's their attitude now, think what it'll be like when you have a problem with the car...
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