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Originally Posted by christopherchenm View Post
I come from Hong Kong and sorry to say that but there are much more exotic cars in US then hk. You can see loads of BMW, benz in high school parking. Ive seen lambo, ferrari, maserati, loads of M3 and C63 in my University parking. Also i always see an old guy in a nice car in hk but you can always see young people drive nice cars in LA. Look at those M3 meeting photos, most of them are at their 20s. Also just a random meeting you can see loads of m3. I've seen m3 less then 3 times when i stayed in hong kong back in summer time.
I am from HK too. I think US does have more exotic cars. but maybe because US is 1000+ times larger than HK, and its population is over 30 times higher. Kids drive M3 C63 whatever in your University because they have leasing programs in this country. Cars in HK are also double the price compare to ones in the states. This is why asian kids who study aboard drives Lambos and Ferrari to school and treat them as dirt because cars are just so damn cheap here. Regardless of Taxis. I do think we have more Euro cars than Jap cars in HK.
And you said you came from HK right? dont you know that people in HK prefer Benz rather than BMW? that's y u dont see M3.

Look at this video. I dont see any M3 either.