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Originally Posted by trackfiend View Post
Most likely No. It is an M. They won't let it leave the lot.
Not a non-BMW dealer. An experienced BMW mechanic who is an expert at M3s:
Thongsai co-founded the BMW Car Club of America’s E30 M3 Special Interest Group and is widely regarded as one of the country’s foremost authorities on BMW and M-car history.
Also the CA said he's never had anyone inspect any car. Nobody has wanted to inspect a used, not certified BMW from their lot? Hmm.

The mechanic is recommended by a friend who owns several BMWs and has had them serviced at his own shop for years.

The dealer is welcome to drive the car there himself if he doesn't trust me or can accompany me. It's worth his time to sell the car is it not? I think 99% of people would say yes PPI the car at an independent place.